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Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing. (Warren Buffet)

When insurance brokerage takes on a new dimension.

RM that goes beyond the confines of insurance. Rich domestic and international experience. Working with heart.


We are one of the fastest-growing insurance broker companies in Slovenia in recent years. And for good reason.

LIBRA PREMIA is an insurance brokers company consisting of a team of experts in the field of insurance and risk management with a high level of expertise and extensive practical experience acquired in Slovenia and abroad.

We are an independent insurance broker, which means that we cooperate with all insurance companies on the Slovenian insurance market on an impartial basis. We also work directly with some of the world’s largest foreign insurance companies

We are entrusted by some of the most eminent eminent Slovenian companies and business groups.

Our job is to eliminate the asymmetry of information that usually occurs between insurance companies and the insureds. We help our clients understand the contents of insurance contracts that are part of their insurance program and provide them with relevant information so they can make the right decisions. We also help them to enforce their rights provided by their insurance contracts.

Following the goal that all our clients would understand the risks they are faced in their business and making them understand that good insurance protection is the basis of successful and stable business is crucial for us.

We mainly operate on the basis of the signed appointment letter by the client. According to established practice, in this case the client has no financial obligations to us, as the cost of services are reimbursed by the insurance company that issues the policy.


We are simplifying the process of arranging insurance for our clients, and help them understand and optimize their insurance protection.

We prepare a risk survey of the company for insurable risks (i.e. Risk Survey Report).

At the beginning we review existing insurance contracts or insurance programs.

We lead the clients in deciding which insurances are crucial for them according to the risks identified and at what level (i.e. limit of cover). Based on this we prepare an insurance program that best reflects the client’s needs while at the same time following its available financial resources.

If necessary, we also provide more complex and less standard insurance programs that are custom-made for the specific needs of certain clients.

We also prepare all documents for the public tenders, if necessary.

One of the most important tasks we do is interpretation of the offers obtained – both in terms of the insurance coverage offered and other benefits offered by each insurance company, as well as the exclusions and other restrictions and together with the insurance premiums.

We lead the client in choosing the most optimal insurance program and help to negotiate / achieve more favorable insurance conditions. We also provide professional advice to the client after the insurance has been concluded, namely:
  • ensure the fulfillment of rights under concluded contracts (optimize benefits) and technical assistance in claims handling process. At complex insurance events, we manage the whole process and negotiate on behalf or together with the client;
  • take care of the necessary dataflow and perform other operational service etc.;
  • help the client to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the insurance contracts.
By creating a risk management program (usually as part of the Risk Survey Report or in the form of a Risk Dialogue) we also provide assistance in the management of insurable risks in the form of recommendations of measures to reduce the risks or to mitigate their consequences.


We save our clients time and money, but above all we remove doubts about the optimization of their insurance protection.

We have more experience and expertise in this area than you do.

We know the insurance market very well.

We’re responsive.

We have more experience and expertise in this area than you do.

We know the insurance market very well.

We are responsive.


We are a reliable team with extensive experience and expertise in the field of insurance and risk management.


We are trusted by many successful and recognized Slovenian companies and groups.

industrial enterprises

media production companies

trading companies

bus and coach services

construction companies

service companies

public sector enterprises


health and pharma services and industry

associations of interest and chambers


As a socially responsible company, we also help in other ways.


Libra Premia is a member of Association of Insurance Brokers at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. 


Libra Premia, Insurance Broker Company, Ltd.

Company registration No.: 6072402000 

Tax ID: 51637596

Autorization number of Slovenian Insurance Supervision Agency: 40111-40/2018-2 (dated on 12.04.2018).