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Register of Insurance Brokers of the Insurance Broker Company Libra Premia Ltd.

Based on the Insurance Act (ZZvar-1), on April 12, 2018, Libra Premia Ltd. obtained a license from the Insurance Supervision Agency to conduct insurance brokerage activities, license number 40111-40/2018-2. The register of insurance brokerage companies is maintained by the Insurance Supervision Agency and is accessible on its website.

In accordance with the third paragraph of Article 562 of the Insurance Act (ZZvar-1), the insurance brokerage company Libra Premia Ltd. maintains a register of insurance brokers who work for or on behalf of Libra Premia Ltd.:

Name and surnameAuthorization number of the Insurance Supervisory Agency (AZN)Limitation of the authorization of the insurance brokerThe date of employment or the date of conclusion of the Cooperation agreement
JAKA DOLENC40110-386/2017-9, dated 21.12.2017none12.04.2018
PETER FUČIK40110-147/2022-2, dated 13.04.2022none01.01.2021
TANJA OMERZEL40110-5/2024-2, dated 10.01.2024none03.10.2023


Libra Premia is a member of Association of Insurance Brokers at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. 


Libra Premia, Insurance Broker Company, Ltd.

Company registration No.: 6072402000 

Tax ID: 51637596

Autorization number of Slovenian Insurance Supervision Agency: 40111-40/2018-2 (dated on 12.04.2018).